Stability SD3 generated image

Stable Diffusion 3

Fireworks has partnered with Stability to provide blazing fast image generation using SD3, the latest and most advanced generative image model yet.

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Featured Models

These models are deployed for industry-leading speeds to excel at production tasks

Image Models

All currently deployed image models.

Stable Diffusion 3Serverless
Stable Diffusion XLServerless
Playground v2 1024Serverless
Playground v2.5 1024Serverless
Segmind Stable Diffusion 1B (SSD-1B)Serverless
Japanese Stable Diffusion XLServerless
Stable Diffusion 3 TurboServerless

Language Models

Serverless models are hosted by Fireworks — No need to configure hardware or deploy models. Usage is billed per token.

FireFunction V1Serverless
Mixtral MoE 8x7B InstructServerless
Mixtral MoE 8x22B InstructServerless
Llama 3 70B InstructServerless
Chinese Llama 2 LoRA 7BServerless
DBRX InstructServerless
Gemma 7B InstructServerless
Hermes 2 Pro Mistral 7bServerless
Japanese StableLM Instruct Beta 70BServerless
Japanese Stable LM Instruct Gamma 7BServerless
Llama 2 13B FrenchServerless
Llama2 13B Guanaco QLoRA GGMLServerless
Llama 7B SummarizeServerless
Llama Guard v2 8BServerless
Llama 2 13BServerless
Llama 2 13B ChatServerless
Llama 2 13B CodeServerless
Llama 2 13B Code InstructServerless
Llama 2 34B CodeServerless
Llama 2 34B Code InstructServerless
Llama 2 70B ChatServerless
Llama 2 70B Code Llama instructServerless
Llama 2 7BServerless
Llama 2 7B ChatServerless
Llama 3 70B Instruct (HF version)Serverless
Llama 3 8B InstructServerless
Llama 3 8B Instruct (HF version)Serverless
LLaVA V1.6 Yi 34BServerless
Mistral 7BServerless
Mistral 7B InstructServerless
Mistral 7B Instruct v0.2Serverless
Mixtral MoE 8x22BServerless
Mixtral MoE 8x22B Instruct (HF version)Serverless
Mixtral MoE 8x7BServerless
Mixtral MoE 8x7B Instruct (HF version)Serverless
MythoMax L2 13bServerless
Nous Hermes 2 - Mixtral 8x7B - DPO (fp8)Serverless
Mistral 7B OpenOrcaServerless
Qwen 14B ChatServerless
Qwen 72B ChatServerless
StableLM 2 Zephyr 1.6BServerless
StableLM Zephyr 3BServerless
StarCoder 15.5BServerless
StarCoder 7BServerless
Traditional Chinese Llama2Serverless
Capybara 34BServerless
Zephyr 7B BetaServerless

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