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Go from hype to high-value AIGo from generic to specialized AIGo from single model to compound AIGo from prototype to production AI

The fastest and most efficient inference engine to build production-ready, compound AI systems.


Trusted in production

Fireworks AI

Why Fireworks AI

Bridge the gap between prototype and production to unlock real value from generative AI.

Designed for speed

  • 9x faster RAGFireworks model vs Groq
  • 6x faster image genFireworks SDXL vs other providers on average
  • 1000 tokens/secwith Fireworks speculative decoding

Optimized for value

  • 40x lower cost for chatLlama3 on Fireworks vs GPT4
  • 15x higher throughputFireAttention vs vLLM
  • 4x lower $/tokenMixtral 8x7b on Fireworks on-demand vs vLLM

Engineered for scale

  • 140B+Tokens generated per day
  • 1M+Images generated per day
  • 99.99%uptime for 100+ models

Fastest platform to build and deploy generative AI

Start with the fastest model APIs, boost performance with cost-efficient customization, and evolve to compound AI systems to build powerful applications.

Blazing fast inference for 100+ models

Instantly inference popular and specialized models, including Llama3, Mixtral, and Stable Diffusion, optimized for peak latency, throughput, and context length. FireAttention our custom CUDA kernel, serves models four times faster than vLLM without compromising quality.

  • Disaggregated serving
  • Semantic caching
  • Speculative decoding
Meta Llama 3.1
Mixtral MoE 8x22b
Stable Diffusion 3
FireFunction V2
OpenAI Whisper
Google Gemma 2
Nomic Embed
Fine-tune with Firectl
firectl create dataset my-dataset path/to/dataset.jsonl

firectl create fine-tuning-job --settings-file path/to/settings.yaml

firectl deploy my-model
firectl create dataset my-dataset path/to/dataset.jsonl

firectl create fine-tuning-job --settings-file path/to/settings.yaml

firectl deploy my-model

Fine-tune and deploy in minutes

Fine-tune with our LoRA-based service, twice as cost-efficient as other providers. Instantly deploy and switch between up to 100 fine-tuned models to experiment without extra costs. Serve models at blazing-fast speeds of up to 300 tokens per second on our serverless inference platform.

  • Supervised fine-tuning
  • Self-tune
  • Cross-model batching

Building blocks for compound AI systems

Handle tasks with multiple models, modalities, and external APIs and data instead of relying on a single model. Use FireFunction, a SOTA function calling model, to compose compound AI systems for RAG, search, and domain-expert copilots for automation, code, math, medicine, and more.

  • Open-weight model
  • Orchestration and execution
  • Schema-based constrained generation

Fireworks Inference


External Tools


Production-grade infrastructure

Build on secure, reliable infrastructure with the latest hardware.

Built for developers

  • Start in seconds with our serverless deployment
  • Pay-as-you-go, per-second pricing with free initial credits
  • Run on the latest GPUs
  • Customizable rate limits
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Telemetry & metrics

Enhanced for enterprises

  • On-demand or dedicated deployments
  • Post-paid & bulk use pricing
  • SOC2 Type II & HIPAA compliant
  • Unlimited rate limits
  • Secure VPC & VPN connectivity
  • BYOC for high QoS

Success with Fireworks AI

Who we are

Built by Experts from Meta's PyTorch Team

We handle trillions of inferences daily, ensuring transparency, full model ownership, and complete data privacy—we don't store model inputs or outputs.

Serving AI startups, digital-native companies, and Fortune 500 enterprises, we empower disruptors to innovate with new products, experiences, and improved productivity.

We can't wait to see what you disrupt.

Fireworks team photo