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Fireworks AI

High quality AI modelsIndustry leading speed & low total costsEmpowering you to focus on your business


Trusted for empowering AI production workflows

Build your business on the world's fastest most efficient inference engine


Optimized inference made easy

Powered by FireAttention

Battle tested for production reliability

  • 140 Billion+tokens generated a day
  • 1 Millionimages generated a day

The world's fastest inference engine

  • 300tokens a second on Mixtral

Flexible & powerfulfine tuned models

Fine Tuning

Serve fine-tuned models

  • Simultaneously deploy 100 models for fast, serverless inference at 0 extra cost
  • Import your own models or tune with us

The fastest way to tune

  • Our tuning service provides deep control and fast tuning times
  • Deploy in minutes to assess fine tune quality

Options for any size businessScale from idea to enterprise



  • Start in seconds with our developer-friendly
  • OpenAI compatible API with better UX
  • Run top open source models at 300+ tokens per second

Dedicated deployments

  • Running FireAttention on GPU's guarantees speed & reliability
  • Capacity scales with usage

EnterpriseTrusted for secure enterprise workloads

  • Automatic data improvementsUse your data to unlock speed increases of 60%+The only platform that uses your own data to improve speed
  • Customizable performanceUnmatched speeds & personalized set-ups configured by us for you
  • Secure dataCompliant with HIPAA and SOC2 and offering secure VPC and VPN connectivity

Better user experiences

Better speedsBetter personalizationBetter revenue

Reduced Costs

Serve more customerswith less overhead

Enterprise ready

Serve millions of tokens reliabilitySecure & hassle free

We specialize in optimizing and managing machine learning models at scale.

Our team possesses deep expertise in serving models, with the founding members having contributed to the development of PyTorch at Meta.

We understand the intricacies of handling trillions of inferences per day for mission-critical, customer-facing applications.

Our services allow you to focus on your core business priorities while we handle the care and maintenance of your models.

Get in touch with us to discuss your workload and see how Fireworks can benefit your business.